Musical Influences

Danny has always loved music.  But why did he choose the drums?  When he was about nine
years old, you could say the drums chose him.  He was at Highland grade school (Evansville,IN)
at that time.  His music teacher, John Koehler, was trying the children on different instruments.  
Mr. Koehler played some basic technics on a snare.  Then wanted each child to repeat what he
just did.  Danny said he got a buzz from playing it.  Mr. Koehler thought he had already had
After that Danny started borrowing the school drums to practice on at home.  He even made his
own kit to play on. He would play to records and the radio.  Then for Christmas, when he was 11
years old, he got his first snare and cymbal.  Danny said the bug bit him hard.  That summer he
had his dad co-sign with him and bought his first kit at Schuttlers Music.  He received a payment
book and paid the $175 himself.  He did odd jobs like mowing lawns.  He helped paint a house
for the down payment.
Ever since then he has listened and watched other drummers to form his own technic.  He didn't
want to do just one style.  He wanted to play it all.  From Rock to Country to Jazz to Big Band, he
does it all.  And he wants to acknowledge some of the influences he had in each style. This list
is not complete... he had to pick and choose the ones to put on here for the sake of space.

Rock, Pop, and Progressive Rock   

Dino Danelli--(From the Rascals)
Bobby Columby--(From Blood Sweat & Tears)
Hal Blaine--(A 60's & 70's studio drummer)
Carl Palmer--(From E.L.P.)
Ronnie Tutt--(Played for Elvis)


Dino Danelli--(Told you he liked the Rascals)
Harvey Mason--(Played for Herbie Hancock & did studio work)
Sandy McKee--(From Cold Blood)
Gaylord Birch--(From Cold Blood & the Pointer Sisters)
David Garibali--(From Tower of Power)


Max Roach--(a independent drummer)
Joe Morello--(Played for Dave Brubeck)
Steve Gadd--(A studio Drummer)


Buddy Harmon--(a 60's & 70's studio drummer)
Larrie Londin--( a 70's & 80's studio drummer)


Billy Cobham--(a independent drummer)

Big Band

Buddy Rich
Gene Krupa
Louie Bellson
Sonny Payne

Danny also had local musicians that influenced him... Maybe not their technics (only one
drummer is listed) But their love and passion for the music.  Here is just a handful of people he
wanted to acknowledge.

Bookie--(Played Saxophone)
Rudy Hoefling--(Played Hammond Organ)
Frankie Rode--(Played Drums)
Gary Toy--(Played guitar)

Pop and R&B

Kenny Aronoff--(a studio drummer)
John Blackwell--(plays for Prince)


Eddie Bayers--(a studio drummer)


Clayton Camron--(plays for Tony Bennett)

Progressive rock, Fusion, and R&B

Dennis Chambers--(From Santana)

Just glancing at all these different drummers and all their different styles, you kind of understand
Danny better.  He is an artist that can't just chose one style to play. His love for music has him
playing it all.
Dino Danelli
Bobby Columby
Billy Cobham
Buddy Rich
Gene Krupa
Steve Gadd
Sonny Payne
Max Roach