If you ask him how it all started, Danny would first tell you it is a God
given gift.  Then you may hear the story of his music class, at Highland
grade school, when he was nine years old.  The teacher was showing
the class a snare drum. All the students was able to try an play it.  The
first time he touched that snare he did a open to close double stroke
roll.  His teacher asked if he had previously had lessons.  That would
be a no, but it sparked something inside that nine year old boy.  
Danny didn't have a drum set at home, and he felt the need to play
more and learn more about this wonderful gift he had found.  For the
next two years Danny would borrow equipment from the school and
make cymbals out of pot lids from home.  He would go to the library
and study up on this new passion of his.  Then at the age of eleven his
dad bought him a snare and cymbal set.  Danny was now playing
along to the radio and records at home.  He would always be
watching and practicing.  When he turned twelve he mowed several
yards and other odd jobs, just to get his first drum set.  Now, with the
right equipment, his gift had room to fly.  He could always be found
playing with other local boys at parties and wherever they could play
their music.  In eighth grade him and his best friend, Warren Watson,
won a talent show. They would grow up to play in bands around the
Tri-State area, sometimes together.
The first band he was in (that he got paid) was a rock band called The
Vikings.  Young Danny Erkman was just 14 at the time.  His passion
for music had him learn and master all types of styles.  This would be
the start of many different bands.  Danny learned to balance his
school work with bands he played in (including school bands such as
marching band, concert band, All City Band, etc).  Later in life he
would learn to juggle family life with his bands.  There are several
bands that Danny has played for or opened for.  The following ones
are the highlights so far in his drumming career.
Marv-Bill & the
This band played in the Tri-State area.  Then even played
on local TV and radio shows. Star Route 7 was one of the TV shows
they played on.
Country Inc. This band was the house band for
Gloria's Corral Club (a local night club in Evansville, IN) for a number
of years.  This was also the first band he was with that made a
record.  Danny learned a new love.  He fell in love with creating and
fine tuning a song to make it his own in a studio.
Brydell's This was a
trio band that played in many states, including Nevada several times.  
In fact they played in Las Vegas for two weeks.  This Midwest 21 year
old got his own dressing room.
Executive Inn. Danny played with
several house bands for the Executive Inn.  All together for about four
and a half years.  
Kickstone Brothers. This was a duo that was
made up of Danny and a guy named Rick Dennis.  They traveled
around playing in hotels, supper clubs, and places such as that. Some
of their songs can be heard on Danny's music page.  Danny did a lot
of singing with him in this band.  
The Browne Sisters. This group
was a blues and soul band with the voices of Joan & Gina Moore.
Blues 4U. This was a blues band that played the Tri-State area.  This
band had a large fan base and can still be heard at a local night club.  
Although some of the original band members have went in different
Stillwell-Rodenberg & Co. This blues band has had
several C.D.s to their credit.  One C.D. "Troubles Wall to Wall" has a
song on it called 'Cadillac Fever'.  This song was played on national
radio.  They also were flown to Port Aurthur, TX to play and open for
Edgar Winter for the 2000 New Years.  This band also has had a
large fan base.  You can still hear them from time to time.  
Little Moe
& the Atomic Two-Tones.
For about seven years this was Danny's
'main' band.  This was a nine piece band. (four piece horn section,
four piece rhythm section, and lead vocalist.) They played 30's to 90's
music in a jump blues, swing, big band styles. They played in the
Tri-State area as well as some surrounding states.

Below is part of Danny's original Bio.  This is also a part of what
has formed him into the drummer he is today.  I couldn't leave it off.

Jazz, Blues, Latin, Country, & Rock are all musical genres that have
been mastered by this fine player, and he has incorporated them all
into his style that has undeniably became the Danny Erkman
Over the years, Danny has played drums for many people.  This is a
compiled list of just some of the many people.  
Buddy Spicher, Collin
Raye, Jerry Lee Lewis, Mel Street, Billy Jo Spears, The Hammond
Brothers, The Brydells, The Four Aces, Gail Davies, Shagadelics,
Kenny Presley,Tommy Overstreet, Charlie McCoy, as well as playing
clinics for Gregg Martin (guitarist for The Kentucky Headhunters),
former Danger Danger guitarist Andy Timmons, and noted Steel
Guitarist Doug Jernigan,  Danny has, to his Studio credits, played on
30 LPs and CDs, four singles, and a countless number of demos and
commercial jingles.  Not being a stranger to the "Big Shows", Danny
has played in bands opening for artists such as M.C. Light, Tanya
Tucker, The Diamonds, Jim Ed Brown, Buddy Guy, The Fabulous
Thunderbirds, South Side Johnny, and Edger Winter.  Danny's club
and showroom experience includes Robert's Western World (he
played with Brazilbilly several times at this well known Nashville, TN
night spot.),
The Nashville Palace, The Station Inn, Mister "A"s, The
Ernest Tubb Troubadour Theater,
The Country Music Hall of
Fame,The Showboat in Las Vegas, NV, The Roof Top Ballroom, The
Fountain Square Theater, The Slippery Noodle Inn in Indianapolis, IN
(considered one of the top ten Blues venues in the United States),
and several Executive Inn showroom performances throughout the
KY, IN, & IL tri-state area.